We're sisters, Ana and Karen, and we so badly want to capture real moments, in all of their glory. From everyday happenings to life changing occasions - we want to be there. Our vision is very simple, you see. It doesn't involve a studio or a lot of posing and props, we just want to bottle up real memories in photos, so that when you look back in time, you are as enamored now as you were then.  

Here’s a little about us individually:

I'm Ana.

  • The older one

  • The (cool) mom

  • The Starbucks addict

I might be the older sis but I've got a 4 year old who keeps me young (and a coffee streak that keeps me sane). You can usually find me photographing my muse (my daughter, Emi) in some sort of flower field or during an impromptu "fashion show" at home. It's basically like taking a photography course in and of itself. 

I'm Karen.

  • The younger one

  • The traveler

  • The doughnut addict

I remember the summer after 9th grade I got a job at a salon as a "hair washing girl". After a couple months I had finally earned enough to buy my first (cool-ass) digital point-and-shoot, which is all I had ever wanted. What was once a hobby, quickly blossomed into my true passion that is now photography. I still have that camera. But I won't photograph your wedding with it. I promise. 

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Have any questions for us? Want us to photograph you and your boo? We'd love nothing more than to get that opportunity - send us a message!

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