I have to start off by saying that this trip would not have been possible without my lovely in-laws! This was an unforgettable experience and our family will never forget it!

We started off our trip by spending the day exploring San Francisco.  For years I’d heard my in-laws tell us of their tradition of going to this little Italian bakery where the ladies are so serious, not even Emi could make them smile, anyhow picking up fresh focaccia and coffee, driving down to Fort Point which is right under the Golden Gate Bridge, and eating it off the hood of the car.  So we did just that and it was as amazing as I expected it to be.  After that we drove over the bridge to head to Sonoma for the remainder of the week but had to make a stop at Armstrong Woods to see the REDWOODS! Guys – I was freaking out! The oldest tree in this forest was over 1,400 years old! Once we finished taking all that in, it was time to head to our vineyard estate home at Gustafson Winery.  Yes – we stayed IN a vineyard and it was so unreal.  This house was unlike any house and really made the whole trip.  The first night there we had a beautiful catered dinner and my wine glass was never empty after that :).  We spent the mornings exploring the land, and tasting grapes from the vines, and since we were at the highest elevation in Sonoma, we could see everything including Lake Sonoma! During the day we would head down to Healdsburg which was a magical little town out of a storybook, with palm trees and redwoods lining the town square, kids playing and beautiful boutique restaurants, shops, and bakeries for you to choose.  I’m still having a hard time adjusting to not drinking wine starting at 11:00am but you know, life goes on :)