EUROPE | 2016

I just want to start by saying that I could have easily made a blog post entirely dedicated to the fall foliage in Germany and Austria. But instead, I decided to spare you by scattering them throughout in this post. You're welcome - the process of narrowing down was NOT easy.

These two beautiful countries were nothing short of breathtaking. In Austria we visited Salzburg, Innsbruck, and the dreamiest of all - Hallstatt, which sits lakeside on beautiful colored hills constantly surrounded by swans! We even took a (really short) excursion into Italy on our Innsbruck day since we couldn't pass up the fact that it was only 35 minutes away. We stumbled upon it's northern most city called Vipiteno and enjoyed their amazing downtown (and pizza).

Germany was our last stop and we were excited because although Andres had been to this country 3 times before, he had never visited Munich so we got to experience it together (along with my mom and little cousin)! We toured multiple castles (what!?), the famous Eagle's Nest, the city of Nuremberg, and of course Munich. We were graciously welcomed with fresh bavarian pretzels and beer on every corner and I didn't bother to fight temptation, not even once. 


- Karen