Our once itty, bitty baby turned FOUR on February 6th.  With each year she gets more and more excited about her birthday party, since her greatest joy is to have all the people she loves all in one place.  This year she requested breakfast in bed, ( I guess she clung on to this idea since I had breakfast in bed for Mother's Day last year!) which consisted of pancakes and OJ for the princess turning four.  Her next greatest birthday wish was to play in the snow, and since we've had an unseasonably warm winter, we had to improvise. We took her snow tubing at Massanutten Resort and she said "all her dreams were coming true."  The following weekend we celebrated with family and her one BFF, Josiah!  I kept it pretty chill this year; pizza, wine and lots of sweet and rainbow colored treats.  And lastly, since Emi keeps saying she wants to be an artist (makes my creative heart so happy) I thought why not turn my garage into a little studio for her and Josiah to paint a birthday masterpiece!