So in case you guys don't know this, we are half Colombian + half  Venezuelan and damn proud of the culture that our parents have instilled within us, despite living in the United States our whole lives.  We felt such pride being able to speak perfect Spanish, and not only perfect but without an accent, so much that the natives always knew we were either from Venezuela or from Bogota. Growing up we always heard of how beautiful both of these countries were and all of the riches they had to offer.  Unfortunately the devastating state of affairs in Venezuela has prevented us from ever visiting the country that we long to know and carry in our hearts.  So - naturally we ventured to the next closest place near and dear to us - Colombia where our mother and her family are from.  

The feeling of being in a place where we could literally feel our roots all around us so surreal and emotional. This 500 year old city is bursting with the most insta-worthy walls, buildings, colors, flowers, fruits - ok I could go on.  Not to mention, just a short boat ride (45 min approx) you could get to BEAUTIFUL Isla Del Rosario.  We booked this through our hotel which made it super easy. The crazy part was, when we got there we didn't want to leave so we ended up staying the night there and had the whole resort to ourselves #castaways #wefeltlikeroyalty.  The next morning we had the most delicious Colombian coffee on the beach and the staff asked us what we wanted for breakfast as if we were family in town for a visit.  Oh, and I almost forgot about the fishermen walking along the shore selling freshly caught crabs and lobsters double the size you see in the US for oh maybe $14 bucks LOL! Needless to say, we had the most seafood ever and it was all oh so fresh.  

I could do a whole blog about just the food so I'll just tell you this - ALL FRESH EVERYTHING: the most exotic fruits and freshly pressed juices might have been one of the greatest things.  The cherry on top of this whole trip was that it was a siblings trip, that our brother could join us and that we could all spend quality time together creating unforgettable experiences is something that will live on forever. Until next time friends! 

and off to the islands we go...