Hi friends - not sure how much to share here.  Mainly I just want to blog this so I can look back on it years from now and remember how special this day was for our family. This might be long so #sorrynotsorry. 

First off, I need to give God thanks for this beautiful, healthy baby boy and for a smooth pregnancy.  There were definitely a few scary moments that we came out on top of and it made all of the difference in the world.  Thank you God x a million.

Peter Luca entered this world June 7, 2018 at 11:07am.  Unlike his big sister Emi who was born via emergency c-section, Peter Luca stuck to his planned date which was a weird yet wonderful feeling.  Going to bed the night before knowing the next day we would be welcoming our new baby made me feel a little nervous and also calm at the same time.  It was really the strangest feeling.  

The next day we woke up, got ready and drove to the hospital to have a baby.  Both sets of grandparents met us there.  The whole thing was surreal. All I kept thinking was this was the last day Emi would be my only child and what that meant for her and what that meant for our family. As I hugged her for the last time and left her with her grandparents, I thought about how much I love her and how in the world I could love another baby so much.  That all changed the instant I heard Peter Luca cry.  I hadn't even seen him yet and already my love for him was equally as strong.  

Pre-op was quite the process, won't bore you with that.  When it was time for surgery, I walked into the operating room.  Something I thought was so weird since with Emi I was wheeled in very quickly due to it being an emergency situation.  This time everything was so calm and I could really focus on everything happening around me.  I got my epidural and quickly was told to lay down on the table before my lower body went numb.  I learned from my last c-section that laying flat on the table made my blood pressure drop very quickly and was seconds from fainting last time, so this time I had a nice long conversation with the anesthesiologist ahead of time and she came up with a game plan to counteract that on the back end.  Thank God again because it went beautifully and I could enjoy the birth of my son.  At that point Joe came in all dressed up in his operating room gear.  Not sure why this part gets me all emotional.  I guess just having him there makes me feel so safe.  It wasn't long after that before the surgery began.  I couldn't feel or see a thing, Joe however watched the entire thing.  Without going into graphic detail, I'll just say that the doctor and nurses said that I lost more blood than average due to the size of my blood vessels which are apparently on steroids and also part of the reason why I had to have a repeat c-section.  

The whole thing took less than 10 minutes.  Suddenly I felt a huge release and a LOUD cry. I still could not see him but he was letting me know he was here.  His cry brought me to tears instantly.  I was overwhelmed with joy and gratitude and I just couldn't contain it.  (Crying right now thinking about it). I then told Joe to go be with him and to go look at what they were doing and to also take pictures lol.  Finally after they got him all cleaned up they put him on the scale and they told me "ok mom, look on your left, there is your boy" oh God, what an amazing feeling. He weighed in at 8lbs 9oz, 20.75".  He was then given to me for some skin to skin, the second he heard my voice, he turned his head and opened his eyes and he had my heart. 

The rest is kind of a blur as they had to take some time to get me all stitched up and clean again. Joe and Peter Luca were waiting for me in the recovery room where I got to nurse him for the first time.  Just like Emi, he latched on perfectly and was a pro from the get go.  Again, super blessed here.   After two hours, it was time to go to our room where we would spend the next three days and also where our family of four would first unite.

I was adamant about Emi meeting him first and for my sister Karen to be there to capture it.  I'm so thankful she could be there to make sure I can look back on this day forever as vividly as possible.  Emi's reaction was priceless.  She climbed up on me and immediately started stroking his face, booping his nose and saying that HER baby was so cute.  She was the first one to hold him and the first to love on him and this made her so proud.  My whole family was there and it was just a perfect night, it's amazing how new life can bring everyone together.  

We are all settled in at home now, a month later.  The first two weeks were rough, Emi definitely felt the shift as we all did, however her sadness I feel like sparked my baby blues.  Something I experienced with her PP as well.  This time wasn't as intense, but I felt like it lasted longer.  I immediately called my doctor and scheduled an appointment right away.  It was great to have someone to talk to and to reassure me that everything was going to be ok.  I took some Progesterone which is a hormone that drops after birth and can cause an imbalance.  I was back to feeling myself just a few days later (for the most part - hormones are a bitch!) I'm happy to say that Emi loves her brother so much, Joe and I are so in love with him as is the rest of the family.  Still figuring things out and getting into a routine but we wouldn't change a thing.  Thanks to all the family and friends that helped us out by feeding us, entertaining Emi and for just being there.  We love you!