BABY Q | NO. 2

Not really sure where to begin here other than expressing how blessed and thankful I am for the family that God has created for me.  This pregnancy has been pretty easy relative to how miserable I felt when I was pregnant with Emi ( I'm convinced girls are just harder to carry) and every kick I feel from my little boy brings me so much joy.  Joe and Emi have been incredible in taking care of us, he's taken on so much and it just makes me love him even more.  Every night he get's Emi ready for bed, makes me tea, turns on my essential oil diffuser, fluffs my pillows, gives me my prenatal vitamins, gets me fresh water and makes sure I don't need any snacks :) Meanwhile big sister Emi talks to her brother and says the cutest things that make my heart melt. We wanted our shoot to be reflective of us in our most natural element, so home made the most sense.  These are real moments that happen regularly for us and we were lucky enough to capture on camera so that we can treasure the days as of family of just 3 forever.  Just 14 weeks left till we get to meet baby Q no. 2.