Oh man, where to begin. The word “thankful” almost doesn’t even come close to how we feel about each other. Our parents were not perfect, but they sure did something right with us because the three of us are each others best friends. Some siblings are not as lucky. 2018 also brought us two brand new little ham biscuits to keep Emi company at the kid table - Peter Luca and Lennon Andres and we will raise them and cultivate their love for each other as our parents did with us. Our family feels so full now that we are literally bursting at the seems when we get together. Its loud, music is blasting, delicious food is cooking, we all talk over each other, no one listens to dad while he’s talking about something random for 20 minutes, babies are nursing left and right, Emi is playing hide and seek, Joe and Andres are cleaning up behind everyone (thankful they got used to our chaos) while Ana, JJ, and Karen make fun of Dad, and mom takes in the beautiful mess in. This is what we are thankful for. When we are all together, everything is perfect. Happy Thanksgiving everyone, from our family to yours.