A successful surprise proposal!!

Matt had the whole day planned out for Bianca's birthday weekend and I was SUPER excited to capture this amazing moment (from afar and as camouflaged as possible). Their day began with a wine tasting at Sunset Hills Vineyard and once they warmed up with a few glasses, they headed outside in front of the pond. Matt had coordinated a nice setup with roses and a gift (a customized bottle of wine with their photo that read "Will You Marry Me?!") AH! 

Once Bianca confidently said "YES" I knew my cue and came running out like a paparazzi congratulating them! See their adorable reactions and photos below: 


(When their wine tasting began it pretty much went like this; snap a picture of them, snap a picture of the structure, snap them, snap the structure, hope that no one hears the shutter sound echoing throughout the winery, try not to look like a stalker while I hide behind these pillars with my big camera) LOL!