"The weather here is glorious." - My (Karen) first words upon landing in Seattle.

I do realize not many people would agree with me, but I've always longed for gloomy, cold, breezy days and that's exactly what we got throughout our road trip of the Pacific Northwest! We obviously had our share of rainy days too, but I didn't mind it one bit (Andres might have lol). Regardless, we both decided it was a perfect way to celebrate our 4 year anniversary! So we landed in Seattle and our first leg of the trip was directly to Portland and its' surrounding beauties! 

(When you miscalculated how fast the waves at Cannon Beach are ^^)

^^ An arcade with vintage games AND a bar?! Quarterworld was pretty f*ing awesome :)

The long line at ¿Por Que No? Taqueria was 100% worth the wait. 

Our amazing Airbnb Camper in Seattle  - wish we could have driven it across the country back home with us!

Visiting Kurt Cobain's house and bench was also a must :O (Peep it behind the trees there ^^)

Lastly we made our way across to border through Canada to visit a slice of Vancouver!