ICELAND | 11.2015

Hello all - Karen here,

I could sit here and describe to you all of the magical, beyond magical things I got to witness in the beautiful land of fire and ice. But to be completely honest, words can't possibly do this country justice. There is an inexplicable, almost indescribable quality about Iceland that just makes you feel like you are on another planet.

I’m not saying I wouldn’t go at any other time of the year, but “snow season” is incomparable. I visited in late November and I wouldn’t trade up the wondrous blanket of snow that constantly surrounded us for anything. Besides, it’s during those darkest days of winter (5 hours of sun) that you have the best chance at experiencing the Northern Lights and all it has to offer. 

Also - waterfalls, so many waterfalls. (heart-eyes everywhere)


(Our second trip to Iceland - here and some recommendations here!)


Hi friends - Ana here today!  

Where to start with this beautiful couple!? Gen and I met in college where we learned about art & architecture while becoming great friends. I jumped at the opportunity to take pictures of her baby bump and I must say it was surreal!

Mr. & Mrs. Mills have a beautiful little apartment in Richmond, VA adorned with some of Genevieve’s own artwork, Keegan’s amazing handiwork (he made their beautiful upholstered headboard), Grandma Hollern’s antique rocking chair, and science school books from when Gen’s dad was a young boy.  I just loved seeing the history behind all of the little things that make up their beautiful home.

We absolutely love them and can’t wait to meet their little boy!


Felisha + Danny recently got engaged and we got to capture the exciting celebration on a beautiful fall day!  Clearly this bride-to-be knows what she is doing - I mean, she's wearing a custom made tutu skirt and we love it. These two really know how to have fun, and their love for each other is just so evident in each picture.  We hope you are as enamored with them as we are.